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Marketing is so much more than just “marketing.”

It’s your look, touch, scent, sound & taste, together – your character & feel. A strong brand has the power to empower and excite all those it touches: your customers, employees, +.

It’s the messenger between you, your brand, and your customer. Effective marketing is like an eloquent delivery of speech: purposeful, beautiful and captivating.

A brand’s power lies in integration within everything that represents you, including your logo, your marketing, your product and entire presence. These all come together as a part of an integrated brand.

It’s the evolution of “brand,” the perfect balance between strategy, creativity & management, and the full integration of your brand within your business. Aura is the feeling of everything you.

our 3 core principles

we believe:

1. “success”=unique


We’re driven by results… not just results, but by your definition of success. Your needs and goals are unique and so are our solutions: tailored to you and your resources to reach your “success.”

 2. Aura=Integration 


The power of a “brand” lies within its integration with everything you – not just some pieces, but the whole puzzle. For all of your marketing needs across all mediums, we’re your one-stop shop for establishing your brand and aura.

 3. Everyone=welcome


From start-ups, small businesses, non-profit organizations, large corporations, and everything in between, everyone has an aura to grow. And so, we welcome you with open arms and solutions (and price-tags) you can smile at.  

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Our Process

Let us take you on a trip to your definition of “success.” Regardless of where that is, we’ll be with you every step of the way! No matter if you want us to guide you through every curve in the road, or want to just take the direct flight, we guarantee our care and precision in everything we do. To better prepare you for the trip ahead,


here’s an overview of your journey with us:


    1. Discover


    It all begins with your complimentary, no-obligation Aura Brand Audit: starting with a 20 minute consultation over phone call or chat over coffee (whichever you’d prefer) where we’ll get to know each other a little better. After getting to know you and your story, we will send you our short 5-minute Brand Discovery Survey, which will ask some specific questions about your needs, and then conduct a bit more research on you and your market. With all this information, we’ll create and provide you with your Aura Audit Report, which will include:

    – research findings

    – recommendations

    – project options and quotes.

    This will give you a better idea of how you’re doing right now and how we’re going to reach your goals.


    Don’t know if we’re for you? Don’t worry, there is absolutely no obligation or cost for this entire step. That’s right, everything up to this point is completely FREE (even the coffee if you’ll give us the pleasure of taking you out)!


    2. Research


    Now that we know where we’re going, we’ll conduct more thorough research and present you with our detailed Project Outline, highlighting:

    – our exact plan of action

    – timeline

    – budget breakdown

    Everything will be tailored to you to help elevate your aura to the next level. 


    3. Design


    Now that we have our roadmap, we’ll begin conceptualizing on the creative elements of the plan. We will provide you with a minimum of three concepts to choose from and will take your favourites to our studio. Then, we’ll do a little revision back and forth to make sure you are fully satisfied with the final product. Through it all, you call the shots!



    4. Implement


    After you love your designs, we’ll handle it from here. We’ll take it to the printer, station, internet, or wherever is most appropriate for implementing your vision. You don’t need to worry about anything (unless you want to) but we’ll keep you in the loop with periodic updates. 



    5. Present


    Once everything is implemented, we will reveal and present the full project to you. We’d love to hear what you think and we’d be happy to change anything that you aren’t happy with, but we’re sure you’ll love it!



    6. Followup


    Now that the project’s complete, we’re almost ready to say “see you next time.” But before that, we’ll do a bit more port-project research to give you a better understanding of everything that we did in our Project Completion Report, including before and afters, and some Return on Investment metrics so you can really see the project’s impact. There, now we’re done… but maybe not: whenever you have any questions or are having issue; want to relax but still get everything done; and/or need anything else branding, marketing & advertising, let us know! We’ll resolve your problems and manage everything for you.


    Whatever you need, we’ll always be there for you, because we’re your support, network & team. So… until next time!

Start your aura-discovery journey with us today and book your free, no-obligation aura consult!

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