We often get asked the questions: “why ‘aura’ company? What exactly do you mean by it? Why not just ‘marketing’ or ‘branding?'” And to them, we really can’t answer in a comprehensible way without a little help of an analogy: “because to us, ‘marketing’ is just a chapter, ‘branding’ is the storyline, and ‘aura’ is the story teller, be it a book, a person, or anything else: the words, the pages, the artwork, the scent, the tone and expression and overall, the impact and feelings it leaves on the world. A good story can be ruined by a bad storyteller, but even a bad story can be incredible being told by a great storyteller!” We have a love for stories and a passion for the art of storytelling.


Today, “brand” can no longer be thought of as just a logo, name, and look. Customers expect more. And from that thought, the term “integrated branding and marketing” was created to help fill the gap and help “brand” and “marketing” become what it should be: everything. But did the term do its job? Or did it just add to the confusion? Probably a little of the first and a lot more of the latter; it’s hard to change things that are already engraved in people’s minds. So instead of trying to change your definition, we decided to introduce you to something new: “aura,” which we think of as describing everything describable and indescribable about anyone, anywhere, and anything. Be it people, places, or things (or a balanced combination of the three, namely, your business or organization), our mission is to see the whole world embrace their auras. And since “aura” entails everything, that’s what we at Aura Co. set out to do: literally everything; because engaging chapters, and story plots, don’t mean a thing unless they tell your story in the way you set them out to be told. Let us be your storytellers to help you share your story with the world!


After all, with the whole world evolving all around, isn’t it about time we thought of “branding” and “marketing” a little differently too?


Want to read more about our Aura story? Come back the week after next, we’ll keep you up to date about what we’re thinking and doing with a new chapter every other week!