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Co-founded by our very own managing partner, Maggie, enLIGHT is a nonprofit dedicated to helping students start startups.


Since its inception and until recently, we have managed the complete aura of enLIGHT – from conference materials, keynote presentations, sponsorship pitches, social media graphics, website, and more.


From Sep. 2014- Sep. 2018

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From conferences, programs, social media, web, and more, enLIGHT’s brand needed to be centrally recognizable but also uniquely identifiable across the different arms of the organization.


The lightbulb logo and set brand colours and fonts made such a challenge possible.


The enLIGHT website is the hub of the entire organization. With event landing pages, blog posts, and more, it is regularly updated and needs to be easily accessible to editors – even those unfamiliar with code.

Recognizing the need for ease of updates, we built the multisite website off of a premium WordPress theme, customizing it with custom code, copy, icons, graphics, photography, and more – responsive across all screens.

Social Media.

From Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter, we helped enLIGHT maintain a consistent aura across all communications.


From content, layouts, and more, we created documents and templates for enLIGHT sponsorship pitches, keynote presentations, handbooks, flyers, and more.

All decks created on either Powerpoint, Keynote, or Google Slides; all documents created on either Word, InDesign, Sketch, or Photoshop.

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